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New Regulatory Pathways for Innovative Medical Technologies in the UK

Jun 20, 2023 New Regulatory Pathways for Innovative Medical Technologies in the UK

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has recently announced new regulatory pathways for innovative medical technologies in the United Kingdom.

These pathways aim to facilitate safe access to new medicines and promote the development of innovative technologies that can transform health outcomes. In this article, we will explore the details of these regulatory pathways and their potential impact on the healthcare industry.

Innovative Devices Access Pathway (IDAP)

The Innovative Devices Access Pathway (IDAP) is a new initiative set to launch later in 2023. It is designed to support the development of innovative medical technologies and ensure their timely availability to patients.

The IDAP will provide a multi-partner support service, including targeted scientific advice, to innovators and manufacturers. By offering an end-to-end visible framework, this pathway aims to help innovators generate the evidence required for regulatory approval, health technology assessment decisions, and patient access within the National Health Service (NHS).

Registration and Engagement

Both commercial and non-commercial innovators of medical technology, whether based in the UK or internationally, are encouraged to register their interest in the IDAP. By doing so, they will receive further information and updates about the pathway.

Interested parties can send an email with their details to This early engagement will allow innovators to stay informed about the progress of the IDAP and its potential opportunities.

Partners and Collaboration

The IDAP will be operated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in collaboration with other partners. These include the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), Health Technology Wales (HTW), and the Scottish Health Technology Group (SHTG).

By bringing together regulatory expertise, health technology assessments, and the involvement of devolved administrations, the IDAP aims to streamline the process of bringing innovative technologies to the forefront of the NHS.

Benefits and Impact

The introduction of the IDAP is expected to have several benefits and a significant impact on the healthcare sector.

By providing a clear pathway for innovators, it reduces uncertainty and accelerates the route to market for innovative medical technologies. This, in turn, allows patients to access transformative healthcare solutions more quickly.

The IDAP will also contribute to establishing the UK as a center for medical innovation. it will also serve to showcase the collaboration between regulators, health technology assessment bodies, and the healthcare system.

Recognition Routes for Medicines

In addition to the IDAP, the MHRA has also announced new recognition routes to facilitate sale access to new medicines.

These routes will be established using approvals from international regulatory partners such as Australia, Canada, the European Union, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, and the United States. While these recognition routes currently apply to medicines, there are ongoing efforts to establish similar pathways for medical devices.

The MHRA plans to launch a consultation to gather information on recognizing conformity assessments or approvals from international regulatory partners for medical devices.


The new regulatory pathways introduced by the MHRA for innovative medical technologies in the UK offer promising opportunities for both local and international innovators.

The Innovative Devices Access Pathway (IDAP) and the recognition routes for medicines demonstrate the commitment of regulatory agencies to support the development and timely access to transformative healthcare solutions. By streamlining the regulatory processes and fostering collaboration between key stakeholders, these pathways pave the way for a more innovative and patient-centric healthcare system in the UK.

Innovators and manufacturers are encouraged to engage with the MHRA and other partners to stay updated on the progress and potential benefits of these regulatory pathways.

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