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Connected Compliance: Top Consumer Electronics Queries – June 2023

Jun 08, 2023 Connected Compliance: Top Consumer Electronics Queries – June 2023

Product compliance teams in consumer electronics are facing an increasingly complex landscape. 

Developments in technology and a growing demand for more sustainable products means the pace of change in regulation is showing no sign of slowing down.

In our new monthly series, we gather some of the most interesting recent queries on consumer electronics regulations asked by Compliance & Risks customers and industry leaders, to help you keep on top of regulatory changes and their global impact.

Top Queries

Question 1:

We have AC-powered products that contains a coin cell dry battery for data storage at power off. The product is a device containing a screen greater than 4 inches, measured diagonally. The battery is designed to be easily removed from the product by the user with no more than commonly used household tools.

Corine Laurijsen, Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist & TL answers:

Based on your description, your product is out of scope of the 2022 amendment to the Californian Electronic Waste Recycling Act regarding battery-embedded products, but in scope of the original Act of 2003.

The definition of covered device in the original act is “a video display device containing a screen greater than four inches, measured diagonally.”

Joyce Costello, Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist answers:

Yes, to our understanding an EU RoHS declaration would show conformity to RoHS-like restrictions since they are modelled on EU RoHS, and none of the States require a special form that would deviate from the EU declaration.

Hee-Ji Lee, Regulatory and Requirements Compliance Specialist answers:

Under the Electrical Appliances and Consumer Products Safety Control Act, the certification system for electrical appliances is divided into Safety Certification; Safety Verification Report; and Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity.

Research shows that the above law and its subordinate statutes do not specify the validity period of safety certification/reports for electrical appliances.

However, in the case of products that have received Safety Certification, periodic inspections including factory assessment and product testing are required every two years in accordance with Article 7 of the Act to maintain safety certification.

Regulatory Trends in Consumer Electronics: a 12-18 Month Outlook

The world of consumer electronics is changing, reflected by consumer and legislative demands for more sustainable practices and products.

More importance is being placed on climate neutral, resource-efficient economies, resulting in increased regulation everywhere.

The added complexity of connected devices, challenging traditional concepts of product safety, is resulting in even greater regulation of cybersecurity, data protection & artificial intelligence.

Continue reading our 12-18 month analysis of regulatory trends in consumer electronics, and deep-dive into our analysis of upcoming consumer electronics regulations for the coming 12-18 months.

Regulatory Trends in Consumer Electronics

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