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Consumer Electronics

Manufacturers and suppliers of consumer electronics and household appliances need to deal with an avalanche of legislation due to the high regulation of this market, as well as enforcement. Companies need to comply not only with regulations impacting electrical products generally, including energy efficiency, hazardous substances and product takeback, but also consumer protection initiatives and general product safety obligations that do not end when the consumer takes delivery of the product.

An effective worldwide compliance strategy will also include production information, after-sales service and defective product elements. Compliance & Risks creates business advantage for by providing reliable legislative information, insights and actions through C2P, the compliance knowledge management platform, market access, and other service solutions.

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Compliance & Risks combine technology, information and insights into knowledge to enable action.

Design your products to stay on the market longer

Reduce time to market

Identify new markets for which you are already compliant

Reduce costs

Reduce risk

Some consumer electronics companies using C2P

Case Study

See how B/S/H/ use C2P to achieve transparency across the organization

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