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Malaysia Issues List of Controlled Electrical Equipment

Jul 04, 2018 Malaysia Issues List of Controlled Electrical Equipment

PlugMalaysia’s Energy Commission has released its latest version of the List of electrical equipment categories regulated under Electricity Regulations, PU(A) 38/94 and subject to approval under Regulation 97.

To date, the Commission regulates 34 categories of electrical equipment including plugs, socket outlets, fluorescent lampholders/starter holders, lamp fittings, lamp capacitors, ballasts, kettles and other heating elements, kitchen food appliances, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and audiovisual equipment.

Listed equipment may not be manufactured, imported, displayed, sold or advertised without a certificate of approval (CoA) demonstrating that equipment is tested and certified to the standards specified in the aforementioned List, the majority of which are derived from IEC standards.

Guidance on the procedure for applying for a CoA and related information is set out in the Guideline for Approval of Electrical Equipment, copyright-protected but available to view at

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