The ESG Maturity Quiz

The ESG Maturity Quiz

Question 1 1 of 9

Is your company’s ESG strategy set and do you have company-wide alignment on your ESG strategy?

Question 2 2 of 9

Do you have a selected framework to track and measure your ESG metrics?

Question 3 3 of 9

Do you have your data collected to set a company baseline for ESG metrics?

Question 4 4 of 9

Have you identified the stakeholders responsible for collecting data and assigned ownership?

Question 5 5 of 9

Do you have a system in place to track and measure ESG metrics? (including greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, waste generation, employee diversity and inclusion)

Question 6 6 of 9

Have you been communicating your organisation’s ESG performance to stakeholders, such as shareholders, customers, and regulators.

Question 7 7 of 9

Are you ready to submit regulatory disclosures & ESG report(s) to the regulators?

Question 8 8 of 9

Do you have an understanding of the impact of regulatory changes that affect your ESG strategy and company’s compliance?

Question 9 9 of 9

Do you have a solution in place to stay on top of changing regulations that affect your ESG strategy and company’s compliance?

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