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Accelerate Your ESG Compliance Journey

ESG Solution Features

Compliance & Risks’ ESG Solution is a smarter way for organizations to meet their ESG regulatory obligations, helping you manage goals and targets and demonstrate compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.

Set Your ESG goals

  • Seamlessly implement a company-wide ESG strategy by mapping regulatory requirements and obligations with your ESG goals.
  • Exceed mandatory reporting requirements to create a clear competitive differentiation

Communicate Clear Targets

  • Quickly align teams & stakeholders with common goals and targets
  • Communicate & collaborate on targets to gain alignment.

Manage Progress towards your Goals

  • Track progress to manage your ESG program with a user-friendly platform
  • Clear communication about the impact of your ESG strategy
  • Clearly see progress against targets

Transparent, Centralized ESG Data

  • Ensure transparency and trust with accurate reporting
  • Provision of custom material topics to accurately reflect organizational priorities & meet reporting requirements.
Manage your ESG Goals
ESG Guides

Spotlight: The Ultimate Guide to ESG Compliance in 2023

This Ultimate Guide to ESG Compliance provides sustainability and compliance managers with a clear picture of the fundamentals of ESG that are relevant for 2023 – including guidance about the best practices while drafting a company’s ESG strategy.
ESG Guide in 2023

ESG Spotlight

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