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China Consults on Eight New Food Contact Materials

Sep 03, 2018 China Consults on Eight New Food Contact Materials

DishwasherOn 17 August 2018, the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment launched a public consultation in order to add 7 new food contact materials to the positive list of additives that can be used to produce various food contact materials and articles. The proposed text also expands the application scope of  one resin (Terephthalic acid, polymer with 1,4:3,6-dianhydro-D-glucitol, 4-cyclohexanedimethanol and 1,2-ethanediol) to infant and baby food.

The type of materials the substances apply to include, plastic, paper, cardboard, paint and coating intend to come in contact with food.

Interested parties may submit comments to the Center until 16 September 2018.

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