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China Proposes Draft Standard on Battery Industry Permits

Jun 12, 2018 China Proposes Draft Standard on Battery Industry Permits

Batteries 300The Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment recently published the draft standard on Technical Specifications for the Application and Issuance of Pollutant Permits for the Battery Industry.

The draft standard applies to the application, issuance and supervision of pollutant permits for producers of lead storage batteries, cadmium nickel batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, zinc-manganese batteries, zink air cells, zinc silver batteries, lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries and solar cells. Battery manufacturers that are not covered in this standard, but discharge air pollutants, water pollutants or other hazardous pollutants, shall comply with Standard HJ 942-2018.

The draft standard lays down requirements on the following:

  • submission of basic information on pollutant emission companies, products involved and pollutants to be discharged
  • permitted emission limits and calculation methods
  • available techniques
  • self-monitoring
  • environmental management records and compliance reports for pollutant permits
  • calculation methods for actual discharge quantity
  • determination of compliance

Public comments may be submitted online before 10 July 2018.

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