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Dec 14, 2020

Connect newsletter is out now – December 20

Connect, the quarterly newsletter of Compliance & Risks, is out now!

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  • Details on the launch of our biocides coverage
  • Our C2P ‘Top Tips’
  • Expert Knowledge Partner commentary ‘EMC, How Compatible Are We? European Commission Consults on Rules Applying to Electrical and Electronic Devices’ by Claire Temple & Tracey Bischofberger of Cooley
  • An invite to our upcoming webinar ‘The SCIP Database: Are You Affected and How to Comply’
  • A copy of our latest white papers: ‘Conflict Minerals Compliance: Examining US and EU Regulation’ and ‘Regulatory Developments in China: A Review of Recent Legislation’
  • News alerts across key areas such as: California Proposition 65, Data Protection, RoHS and more
  • What’s trending in compliance legislation

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