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EU To Revise Textile Fiber ID Regulation

Aug 10, 2023 EU To Revise Textile Fiber ID Regulation

Authored by Stacey Bowers, Manager, Global Market Access, Compliance & Risks

The European Commission is considering a revision of its textile labeling rules.

The initative would explore options to revise the text of Regulation (EU) 1007/2011, clarifying and updating the fiber identification requirements to take into account the growing complexity and speed of new fiber development and of new recycling technologies, both of which require better fiber identification.

It would also consider:

  • Digital labeling, building on the proposed architecture for the Digital Product Passport;
  • Language-independent symbols or codes;
  • A sustainability and circularity label; and
  • Additional labeling domains, such as country of origin; EU-wise uniform size and care labeling; presence of allergenic substances; leather and fur disclosures; flammability; organic/ bio-origin; and socially responsible production.

In its problem statement, the Commission discusses the “absence of harmonised rules on labelling of textile products in relation to aspects beyond their fibre composition,” which has led to disparate rules in Member States that increase compliance costs for companies.

Additionally, the Commission discusses “a growing environmental concern on the part of Member States, industry and consumers,” intensified by the consumption of textiles in the EU, which accounts on average for the fourth highest negative impact on the environment and on climate change and the third highest for water and land use from a global life cycle perspective.

The feedback period runs from 3 August 2023 through 14 September 2023, after which a Public Consultation will be launched before the end of the year, for a period of 12 weeks.

The EU-maintained website provides more information about the initiative.

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