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Geo-Blocking Regulation Takes Effect Across EU

Dec 05, 2018 Geo-Blocking Regulation Takes Effect Across EU

Closeup of hand holding credit card-1As of the 3rd of December, Regulation 2018/302 has been adopted, which means you can now shop online without being blocked or re-routed to another website. This Regulation was enacted to prevent discrimination based on a customers nationality, place of residence or place of establishment within three specific areas:

  • The sale of goods without physical delivery.
  • The sale of electronically supplied services
  • The sale of services provided in a specific physical location

In addition, the Regulation bans blocking of access to websites and the use of automatic re-routing if the customer has not given prior consent. It also provides for a non-discrimination rule in payments. While traders remain free to offer whatever payment means they want, the regulation includes a specific provision on non-discrimination within those payment means.

Further information can be found here. These Changes should now enhance consumers rights across the European Union while ensuring the growth of the single market.

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