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Myanmar Labeling Requirements Take Effect

Mar 18, 2020 Myanmar Labeling Requirements Take Effect

food-mixer-413737_1920Myanmar’s Consumer Protection Commission has issued directions to businesses on complying with Section 43 of the Consumer Protection Law concerning the labeling of goods in the Myanmar language, or in Myanmar language and one or more other languages, effective 16 March 2020.

The Commission is requiring the mandatory inclusion of specific information on the packaging of goods, the detail of which will vary depending on the product category concerned. Labeling information may include all, or a selection of the following:

  • Name of the goods
  • Size, quantity and net weight
  • Storage instructions
  • Usage instructions
  • Description of side-effects
  • Description of allergies
  • Precaution notice

Labeling requirements are broken down for products in the following groups:

  • Group (A) Foods
  • Group (B) Household Goods: household electrical appliances and household electronic goods
  • Group (C) Children’s Goods: strollers, baby walkers, toys and accessories, cribs and hygiene products for children
  • Group (D) Communications Goods: Corded and cordless phones, cell phones and telephone accessories
  • Group (E) Drugs and supplements
  • Group (F) Cosmetics
  • Group (G) Consumer Goods: toothpaste and soaps
  • Group (H) Business Goods

In the event it is not possible to display the requisite information on the product, a pamphlet or insert may instead be distributed to consumers along with the product.

Products imported into Myanmar must be labeled before their distribution on the market. The use of stickers is allowed to ensure compliance.

Failure to comply will result in action against infringing parties under section 73 of the Consumer Protection Law.

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