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South Korea Amends Safety of Household Appliances Regulation

Jun 28, 2018 South Korea Amends Safety of Household Appliances Regulation

South Korea 300On 26 June 2018, South Korea issued a new consolidation of Enforcement Ordinance for the Electrical Appliances Safety Control Act to manage some household products subject to safety standard conformity and adjust the product safety management level realistically. The latest consolidation incorporates changes made by Decree No. 29000.

Key changes include:

1. Safety certification/safety confirmation/supplier conformity report shall be exempted when products subject to safety certification/safety confirmation/supplier conformity are imported through parallel import (Article 8 (3), Article 12 (3), and Article 14 (3));

2. Establishment of measures such as suspension of sale etc. when harmful household products are distributed (Article 15 (4);

3. Establishment of measures to secure the safety of raw materials and materials used in products subject to safety control (Article 19);

4. Implementation of penalty rule for cases where a person imports, displays and stores household products subject to safety standard conformity without appropriate safety standards label and marking (Article 20).

The amendment will enter into force on 1 July 2018.

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