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South Korea Proposes Energy Efficiency Labeling Standards Amendments

Aug 26, 2020 South Korea Proposes Energy Efficiency Labeling Standards Amendments

TelevisionOn 20 August 2020, the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) issued a draft amendment to the Regulation on Energy Efficiency Labeling and Standards.

The draft increases energy efficiency standards and adds efficiency requirements for refrigerators, air conditioners and televisions.

The main changes for each product include:


  • Improving calculation methods for monthly power consumption
  • Deleting certain testing items
  • Adding new minimum energy performance standards (MEPS)
  • Adjusting the efficiency rating indicator(R) and efficiency rating criteria
  • Establishing target efficiency standards for 2024 and 2027

Air conditioners

  • Adjusting efficiency standards such as raising MEPS
  • Adding target efficiency standards applicable from 2024 and 2027
  • Adding labeling requirements including monthly power consumption and cooling efficiency


  • Changing efficiency standards including maximum power consumption standards
  • Adding target efficiency standards for 2025 and 2028

Interested parties may submit their comments to before 19 October 2020.

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