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South Korea Expands Recycling Obligations for Target Products

Jul 30, 2019 South Korea Expands Recycling Obligations for Target Products

lotte-world-tower-1791802_1920 (1)On 19 July 2019, the South Korean Ministry of Environment issued a draft amendment to the Enforcement Ordinance on the Recycling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Vehicles Act 2007.

The draft adds 23 new products to Annex 3 which is concerning Articles 14 and 15(4) of the Ordinance in order to extend the list of electrical and electronic products subject to collection, transfer and recycling by the prescribed manufacturers and importers. This would bring the list of affected products to 50. 17 of the newly-added products belong to the general electrical and electronic product family. The new products are as follows;

  • dehumidifiers
  • navigation display devices
  • wireless routers
  • beam projectors
  • scanners
  • toasters
  • electric kettles
  • electric water heaters
  • electric frying pans
  • hair dryers
  • treadmills
  • security cameras
  • food dryers
  • electric massagers
  • foot baths
  • sewing machines
  • video game consoles
  • bread makers
  • fryers
  • coffee machines
  • hot pots
  • dehydrators
  • solar panels

Interested parties are required to submit their comments by email ( before 11 August 2019.

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