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Principal Software Engineer

Apr 04, 2023


Job Title: Principal Software Engineer
Reports to: Head of Engineering

Location: Ireland – Home/Office

About Us:

Compliance & Risks is the leading provider of market access and product compliance SaaS solutions and is recognized as the leading end-to-end global product compliance solution provider across the technology, consumer goods and retail, industrial goods and life sciences sectors. The company’s market leading SaaS platform, C2P, enables uninterrupted market access for enterprises selling products globally by monitoring and managing key product requirements, regulations and standards in their chosen markets. The C2P platform provides the world’s most comprehensive database of legislative information, insights and actions, linked to product workflows, to help clients bring products to markets faster with lower risk and ensure ongoing compliance.

The company serves over 220+ global enterprise customers including: GE, Google, Nike, Amazon, Ikea, Bose, Tesla, Vaillant, Unisys, Samsung and Fujitsu.

We take pride in what we build

We are a product company. We understand the impact our product has on the world and for our company. We watch it iterate, evolve, grow. We can easily connect the code we write to the problems we are solving for companies who are trying to build and sell their products in the global market. Whether it’s a hoodie, a car or a laptop, we can see our code helping to get that product to the high street. 

We take pride in how we build

Our self organizing teams make the decisions in how they architect, implement and deliver the code that they write. We support the decisions they bring, and trust our teams to present the options that make most sense for the company, the team and for the growth of the individuals. 

We choose our tools, and how we work

We trust our developers to know how best they can be productive. Whether that’s a Mac or Windows machine, the place they work, or the hours they work in the day. We exchange trust and flexibility for passion and transparency. Our teams have an innate energy and drive to create great software and deliver its value to the business.

Our challenge

We’ve just migrated our legacy architectures to AWS, and our next phase is to move towards a cloud native architecture, while continuing to meet our customers needs, and build business value.

We’re scaling up, in our infrastructure and content capabilities, as well as the numbers of users who are active every day. This takes new thinking, and we’re buzzing from the energy of bringing new people, tooling, process and architectures to allow for the scale.

Our Values:

All employees should continually promote legacy of Company Culture through demonstrating its values – 1. Trust 2. Respect 3. Winning Together 4. Innovation

Compliance & Risks is an Equal Opportunities Employer.


We’re looking for a technical leader, who will have an influencing and guiding role in our teams. Someone whose curiosity and passion for their craft can be contagious, and who loves to share their knowledge to raise the bar for everyone else. 


Maintain technical excellence

  • Deliver high-quality, performant and maintainable code with appropriate level of test coverage
  • Help chart the path to a more distributed, cloud native architecture
  • Participate in PR/code reviews, initiate discussion amongst the team on design decisions/tradeoffs
  • When incurring technical debt, discuss the trade-off with the team, and ensure that it is paid down in future sprints
  • Keep track of emerging technologies and tools, and drive for adoption when they could bring benefit to the team
  • Mentor junior developers and work with the team to develop and carry out onboarding and training plans.
  • Keep control of performance degradation in your code, and in the code your review
  • Keep control of application security vulnerabilities in your code, and in the code your review
  • Drive innovation through the team, taking initiative to research ideas and pitch them to management for buy-in
  • Identify risk and pitfalls in the architecture and communicate to the team and the management
  • Research solutions and provide recommendations for improvements in the codebase and the architecture
  • Provide a strategic vision for the software and collaborate with mgmt and the team to reach alignment
  • Identify strategic opportunities for the software and the team and communicate to the mgmt and the team
  • Think long term, and drive to build a robust product 
  • Build and follow processes and conventions of the team.
  • Be compassionate and helpful to your teammates.
  • Ensure the team meets its deliverables.
  • Ask for help when you are stuck, recognise when others are stuck and step in to help
  • Excellent written communication skills in JIRA, Slack, Google Apps to drive our remote collaboration forward with every interaction.
  • Proven ability to develop and present designs to your teammates to drive architectural discussions
  • Willingness to learn from your teammates and collaborate on trade off decisions


  • B.S. in Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent lifetime experience
  • 10+ years of software development experience in a commercial environment
  • Passionate about and experienced in developing in Scrum
  • An understanding that completeness includes well-written, extensible and comprehensive unit tests
  • Experience working with modern DevOps best practices
  • Fluid experience in using IDEs and build tools like IntelliJ, Maven, Grails
  • Prior experience running critical production systems in a Linux / Unix environment
  • Deep expertise in Java Spring Hibernate stack
  • JVM configuration, memory, heap monitoring
  • Systems integration across full stack including DB
  • AWS experience
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Experience with tool like: Kibana, Docker, Logtash, Python
  • Caching and messaging systems like Redis, Kafka
  • Application Security experience with tools like OAuth, SAML, and LDAP providers
  • A level of comfort working in production environments
  • Software architecture design skills for maintaining High Availability and Fault Tolerance
  • Hands on experience developing and implementing microservices in Java
  • Highly proficient in at least one relational database
  • Solid understanding of search technologies, specifically Solr, ElasticSearch, or OpenSearch.
  • Some experience with VanillaJS, jQuery or any Javascript framework
  • Knowledge of at least one Javascript framework, e.g. VueJS
  • Experience with SPAs, PWAs, session management, browser performance
  • Understanding of CSS including some experience with at least one CSS preprocessing language like LESS or Sass
  • Proficient in vanilla/under the hood JavaScript and jQuery
  • Experience with NodeJS/Groovy on Grails is an advantage

The Perks:

  • A competitive salary, company bonus, health insurance, pension, wellbeing programme
  • An exciting and dynamic role with career development opportunities and progression
  • The opportunity to work with talented and diverse team in an inclusive work environment
  • A learning culture where continued learning & development is supported and encouraged
  • Remote working options and a flexible environment that promotes wellness and work life balance

Company Highlights:

  • 20-30% YoY revenue growth since 2017
  • Established global offices
  • Top private equity sponsorship from Luminate Capital Partners
  • 80,000+ regulations and standards on the platform
  • A market leading retention rate over 95%
  • We are a diverse team in Compliance & Risks and we are committed to building and promoting an inclusive place to work for everyone. We strive to attract and retain a diverse range of people into our organization.  We aim to increase the diversity of our employee base by growing our diverse talent pipeline, including partnerships with organizations like Resilient Coders, Women who code, Women in Tech. We are committed to equality of opportunity for all employees, by promoting a work environment free from bullying, discrimination or harassment. Compliance & Risks is an equal opportunities employer.