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Recent RoHS Developments: Best Support for Your Exemption Renewal

Sep 30, 2020 Recent RoHS Developments: Best Support for Your Exemption Renewal

Webinar Overview

This webinar gives an overview of recent RoHS developments and an update on the status of the RoHS exemption renewal requests. 

The webinar covers:

  • Key RoHS updates
  • Expected timeframes for RoHS exemption renewal requests
  • How to increase the chances of success of an exemption request
  • How best to prepare for clarification questions posed by the consultants reviewing the requests


Emily Tyrwhitt Jones

Emily Tyrwhitt Jones
Senior Regulatory Compliance Consultant, RINA

Emily Tyrwhitt Jones is a technical expert in global environmental compliance, sustainability and safety, covering legislation such as EU REACH, REACH-like regulations, RoHS, CLP and WEEE.

Emily has considerable experience of supporting product development from a technical and regulatory perspective with regard to materials and processes, particularly in the defence sector.

Louise Forrest
Senior Content Project Manager, Compliance & Risks

Louise is a Legal professional with 15+ years’ experience across industry, legal practice, research and academia.

Louise possesses excellent research and analytical skills and has a track record of distilling high volumes of complex legal data into meaningful, actionable information. Louise has extensive experience of the implications of the changing regulatory landscape.