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Safeguarding Labeling: Managing Sporting Fashion Heritage

Oct 09, 2019 Safeguarding Labeling: Managing Sporting Fashion Heritage

Webinar Overview

Get a comprehensive review of the regulation changes impacting sports and fashion companies with the WFSGI Compliant Labelling Requirements (CLR) Database. No more searching, 3rd party lawyers, struggling to keep up to date with the regulatory avalanche, or concerns over delays, fines and stop ships!

This webinar covers how you can stay ahead of the curve with:

  • Up-to-date labeling requirements at your fingertips
  • Significant economies of scale with considerable time and cost savings
  • Targeted email alerts as soon as a requirement changes
  • Ability to search and report on requirements by country and product category
  • Free access to Subject Matter Experts
  • The ability to build your own requirements, designed for your business, products and countries
  • Access to a library of 70,000+ repository compliance documents


Meg O’Keeffe
Product Manager, Compliance & Risks

Jon Green

Jon Green
Business Development Manager, Compliance & Risks