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    Trends in Wearable Biotechnology

    Wearable technology, whether for entertainment or medical purposes, is continuing to grow in demand and popularity. Wearables are becoming smaller, less expensive, and more common in our daily lives.

    With the increasing demand of consumers to monitor and track their own health and vital signs, use of wearable technology has more than tripled in the last four years. According to research from Insider Intelligence, more than 80% of consumers are willing to wear fitness technology. We are also seeing the rise of biosensors as a new innovation in wearable medical devices.

    We have only begun to explore the various uses of wearable technology, with potential future innovations including using clothing to power devices, and the use of artificial intelligence as personal assistants, or in various medical devices. But with new innovation, regulation will follow.

    This white paper looks at the increasing number of wearable devices on the market today. It gives an overview of the different categories of wearable technology, from entertainment and athletic applications to healthcare.

    Author - Jerry Miller

    Author: Jerry Miller, Senior Regulatory Consultant

    Jerry is a Senior Regulatory Consultant with 20 years experience in regulatory and standards interpretation, spanning the fields of consumer products and environmental investigation.

    At Compliance & Risks, Jerry performs international research and database creation for clients and acts as a subject matter expert on various laws and standards.

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