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C2P Product Spotlight – Q3 2023

Oct 19, 2023 C2P Product Spotlight – Q3 2023

Compliance & Risks has announced new updates on C2P Platform in Q3 2023, designed to boost your compliance efficiency. 

  1. New ESG Content Areas
  2. Workflows To Help Boost Your Compliance Processes
  3. Consolidate Your Product Portfolio View With Regulations in Spec
  4. Custom Excel Reports
  5. Discover other recent updates.

New ESG Content Areas

We just launched new Regulatory content across critical ESG areas,

  1. Supply Chain Due Diligence – Supply Chain Due Diligence covers laws and regulations, proposed, enacted & amended, as well as mandatory and voluntary standards, guidance documents, factsheets, and more concerning the obligations of undertakings to carry out supply chain due diligence.
    Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ ESG Supply Chain Due Diligence coverage.
  2. Climate Disclosures – Climate Disclosures encompass regulations, frameworks, and guidelines related to the reporting and disclosure of climate-related information by businesses. This includes data on greenhouse gas emissions, climate risks, adaptation and mitigation strategies, and sustainability goals. Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ ESG Climate Disclosures coverage.
  3. Sustainable Resource Use- Sustainable Resource Use involves regulations, guidelines, and practices pertaining to the efficient and responsible utilization of natural resources. It encompasses measures aimed at reducing waste, optimizing resource consumption, promoting recycling and circular economy models, and minimizing environmental degradation.  Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ ESG Sustainable Resource Use coverage.
  4. Human Trafficking & Slavery – Human Trafficking and Slavery content area encompasses regulations, laws, and guidelines aimed at addressing and eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking. It includes information about reporting obligations, due diligence requirements, and actions companies should take to ensure that their operations and supply chains are free from these heinous practices. Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ Human Trafficking and Slavery coverage.
  5. Human Rights – Affected Communities – Human Rights – Affected Communities content area focuses on laws, regulations, guidelines, and best practices pertaining to the protection and promotion of human rights, specifically within communities impacted by business activities. This includes the rights of indigenous peoples, marginalized populations, and those affected by corporate operations. The content covers the responsibility of companies to conduct due diligence, engage with affected communities, and mitigate adverse impacts on human rights. Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ ESG Human Rights Affected Communities coverage.
  6. Labor & Employment – Labor & Employment content area encompasses a comprehensive global coverage of laws, regulations, proposed changes, as well as voluntary and mandatory standards related to employment practices and labor rights. This includes aspects like fair wages, working hours, health and safety standards, equal opportunities, and employee well-being. The content covers obligations placed on companies to ensure fair treatment of their employees and compliance with labor laws and international labor standards. Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ ESG Labor & Employment coverage. 
  7. Anti-Bribery & Corruption – Anti-Bribery & Corruption content area provides extensive global coverage of laws, regulations, guidelines, and best practices aimed at preventing and combating bribery and corruption within business operations and across supply chains. The content covers obligations placed on companies to implement robust anti-corruption policies, due diligence procedures, and reporting mechanisms to mitigate corruption risks. Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ Anti-Bribery & Corruption coverage.

Read our full Press Release here: Compliance & Risks Launches New ESG Regulatory Content

Workflows To Help Boost Your Compliance Processes

We are thrilled to feature our latest highlight – “Workflows” – designed to revolutionize the way you collaborate!

  1. Focused  & Efficient Compliance Efforts: Impact Assessment functionality enables users to direct compliance efforts precisely where needed, ensuring compliance process is streamlined and resources are dedicated to addressing specific areas impacted by the regulation.
  2. Facilitated Collaboration: Collaboration features such as task management promote teamwork and collective understanding of the regulatory impact. Enhanced communication allows for knowledge sharing and cross-functional insights, improving the overall compliance process.
  3. Holistic Regulatory Understanding: Users can comprehensively understand how a regulation affects their business by breaking it down into specific requirements. This structured approach ensures no aspect is overlooked, promoting a thorough grasp of compliance requirements.
  4. Real-time Adaptation: With historical tracking and revision management, users can adapt to regulatory changes in real-time. This agility in responding to evolving regulations is crucial for maintaining compliance and business continuity.
  5. Knowledge Retention and Transfer: The ability to document and record assessments ensures knowledge retention within the organization. Even as personnel change, critical compliance insights and historical data are preserved, preventing knowledge gaps.
  6. Enhanced Regulatory Compliance Culture: The comprehensive toolkit cultivates a culture of compliance within the organization. It encourages a proactive approach to regulatory adherence and fosters a deep understanding of the impact of regulations on products and operations.

Consolidate Your Product Portfolio View With Regulations in Spec

Product Portfolio view with Regulations linked to Requirements & Evidence in C2P Platform
  1. Holistic compliance management for portfolio: Viewing all regulations and internal policies across your entire product portfolio enables you to have comprehensive and holistic understanding of your legal obligations. This also allows you to see how you are achieving compliance for each regulation with your full list of requirements. Finally, it enables you to know which regulations you are compliant with – once you have curated all the relevant evidence.  
  2. Proactive compliance planning: Seeing regulatory obligations for your entire product portfolio and the various attributes in each product enables proactive planning. You can ensure all regulatory and internal policy areas are documented in advance, develop strategies to address them, and align your compliance roadmap with business goals. This proactive approach helps minimize risk of compliance gaps or last-minute scrambles.
  3. Compliance risk management: Viewing regulatory obligations for your entire product portfolio helps you assess compliance risks at a broader level. You can identify any potential areas of high risk due to a change in regulation, understand a clear impact  across the product portfolio, and prioritize the change according to the impact.  proactively. This proactive risk management approach helps mitigate potential compliance issues and reduces the risk of penalties or reputational damage.

Achieve compliance excellence with ease! Ready to Experience Proactive Compliance Excellence? Talk to your Account Manager today. 

Custom Excel Reports

Custom Exports in C2P Platform
Custom Exports in C2P Platform

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to a much asked for feature in C2P – Custom Excel Reports, to facilitate effective compliance reporting to all stakeholders.

Customized Reporting: Users can generate customized reports using Excel, tailoring them to specific audiences and objectives. This is valuable for creating reports that match their preferences and requirements for compliance managers, other departments or stakeholders.

Custom reports are needed when needed to present compliance information to different stakeholders for different needs. I.E Reporting on regulatory information within the compliance team, reporting on compliance needs with non-SME outside the compliance team etc.

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