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Compliance & Risks Launches New ESG Regulatory Content

Oct 17, 2023 Compliance & Risks Launches New ESG Regulatory Content

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Compliance & Risks today announces the launch of its new ESG Regulatory Content, helping organizations meet growing complex ESG obligations.

Quoted in a recent ESG Global Corporate Survey by Verdantix on ESG & Sustainability Budgets, Priorities & Tech Preferences –

“Regulations have emerged as a crucial mechanism to enforce and promote sustainable practices within the corporate sector. In fact, 92% of respondents indicate that ESG disclosure rules and reporting are a significant driver in influencing their firms’ commitments to ESG and sustainability issues.”

Given the pace of regulatory change in the ESG world and the need for horizon scanning, Compliance & Risks’ new regulatory coverage, powered by enterprise-grade C2P platform, helps stay ahead of changes across laws, regulations – both proposed and enacted, standards, guidance documents, and factsheets, ensure users are keeping their business ahead of regulations that impose new obligations on them.

But beyond horizon scanning, they provide analysis and commentary and access to an experts team, led by Joanne O’Donnell, enabling businesses to easily understand the impact of a regulatory change and take action. Compliance & Risks’ ESG solution, powered by the C2P Platform integrates this new regulatory content with workflow tools for efficient management of regulatory impacts within business processes, ensuring compliance and promoting a culture of collaboration and responsibility.

These new content offerings cover critical ESG areas;

ESG Reporting

Compliance & Risks helps customers to stay up to date on their ESG Reporting obligations and empowers them to achieve their ESG Goals by providing global coverage of laws and regulations, proposed, enacted & amended, as well as standards, guidance documents, factsheets and more.

Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ ESG Reporting coverage.

Supply Chain Due Diligence

Supply Chain Due Diligence covers laws and regulations, proposed, enacted & amended, as well as mandatory and voluntary standards, guidance documents, factsheets, and more concerning the obligations of undertakings to carry out supply chain due diligence.
Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ ESG Supply Chain Due Diligence coverage.

Climate Disclosures

Climate Disclosures encompass regulations, frameworks, and guidelines related to the reporting and disclosure of climate-related information by businesses. This includes data on greenhouse gas emissions, climate risks, adaptation and mitigation strategies, and sustainability goals.

Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ ESG Climate Disclosures coverage.

Sustainable Resource Use

Sustainable Resource Use involves regulations, guidelines, and practices pertaining to the efficient and responsible utilization of natural resources. It encompasses measures aimed at reducing waste, optimizing resource consumption, promoting recycling and circular economy models, and minimizing environmental degradation.  Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ ESG Sustainable Resource Use coverage.

Human Trafficking & Slavery

Human Trafficking and Slavery content area encompasses regulations, laws, and guidelines aimed at addressing and eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking. It includes information about reporting obligations, due diligence requirements, and actions companies should take to ensure that their operations and supply chains are free from these heinous practices.

Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ Human Trafficking and Slavery coverage.

Human Rights – Affected Communities

Human Rights – Affected Communities content area focuses on laws, regulations, guidelines, and best practices pertaining to the protection and promotion of human rights, specifically within communities impacted by business activities. This includes the rights of indigenous peoples, marginalized populations, and those affected by corporate operations. The content covers the responsibility of companies to conduct due diligence, engage with affected communities, and mitigate adverse impacts on human rights.
Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ ESG Human Rights Affected Communities coverage.

Labor & Employment

Labor & Employment content area encompasses a comprehensive global coverage of laws, regulations, proposed changes, as well as voluntary and mandatory standards related to employment practices and labor rights. This includes aspects like fair wages, working hours, health and safety standards, equal opportunities, and employee well-being. The content covers obligations placed on companies to ensure fair treatment of their employees and compliance with labor laws and international labor standards.

Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ ESG Labor & Employment coverage. 

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Anti-Bribery & Corruption content area provides extensive global coverage of laws, regulations, guidelines, and best practices aimed at preventing and combating bribery and corruption within business operations and across supply chains. The content covers obligations placed on companies to implement robust anti-corruption policies, due diligence procedures, and reporting mechanisms to mitigate corruption risks.

Learn more about Compliance & Risks’ Anti-Bribery & Corruption coverage.

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