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Compliance & Risks Launches Global Cybersecurity Regulatory Coverage

Mar 03, 2020 Compliance & Risks Launches Global Cybersecurity Regulatory Coverage

Compliance & Risks, the end-to-end global compliance solutions provider, today announced that it is launching cybersecurity regulatory coverage, allowing companies to track worldwide developments in this area.

In today’s increasingly connected world, we are seeing a sharp surge in cybersecurity threats, growing in both frequency and sophistication. This new reality requires organizations to safeguard against potential attacks on their systems, networks and data. As a result, many countries are laying down framework regulations establishing rules to protect consumers, society and governments from cyber vulnerabilities.

Commenting on the announcement, Joe Skulski, CEO of Compliance & Risks said, “At Compliance & Risks, we recognize the strategic importance of cybersecurity for companies. As regulations in this area continue to grow, our coverage allows us to support our clients needs in this increasing area of concern.”

Regulatory developments in cybersecurity will be monitored globally and updates delivered via C2P, the compliance knowledge management platform, ensuring users are alerted to proposed, enacted & in force regulations. The topic encompasses regulations aimed at strengthening cybersecurity and supporting documentation along the lines of national strategies and guidelines, with a focus on cybersecurity for connected devices and IoT infrastructure, and cybersecurity certification for ICT equipment.

Compliance & Risks has long supported companies facing the unique challenges that technological advances can bring. Cybersecurity is the latest topic added under Compliance & Risks’ global coverage of Internet of Things (IoT) legislation. Other IoT topics covered include Data Protection and Wireless. This comprehensive coverage enables companies to develop innovative IoT products, confident in the knowledge that they are compliant no matter what market they are in.

As seen from the chart below, the number of cybersecurity regulations continues to rise globally. To find out how you can benefit from cybersecurity regulatory updates, why don’t you Talk to Us today?

Cyber regs chart 2