Case Study Overview

e-Commerce giant sifts through 75,000 compliance requirements with ease

Industry: Technology

Company Size: Large

Location: Global

  • C2P

Few companies spend as long in the rocket ship phase as this Compliance & Risks customer, consistently growing since its inception & still doubling in revenue every 2.5 years.

It was an obvious growing pain that the increasing challenge of maintaining compliance needed to be brought under control. This e-Commerce Giant now maintains control with C2P.

e-commerce giant maintains control of product compliance with C2P from Compliance & Risks

Fast Facts


Employees globally


Fulfilment centers



The Challenge

  • The starting point for this compliance team of 12 was to develop a global regulatory monitoring program.
  • Since then, this need has seen the team grow to over 60; The team grew in size with the business.
  • It was elemental to find a system that could operationalize the need to keep up with regulations, and reduce the legal cost that was building.
“How do we operationalise the need to keep up with regulations, and reduce the legal costs that are building up?”

Compliance Head, Leading e-Commerce Giant

The challenge of product compliance for eCommerce companies

The solution

This e-Commerce Giant now maintains control with C2P, an enterprise SaaS solution that helps global companies unlock market access and prove compliance in over 195 countries. Their implementation process focused on developing:

  • The ability to streamline workflows and automate whatever possible.
  • Projects reflecting specific responsibilities of each manager for monitoring & interpreting requirements.
  • Projects based on filters for geographical regions, products, & regulatory areas.
  • Further regulatory filtering delivered through C2P based on their relevance to the client business areas.

C2P gives us confidence in the accuracy of the changes, and gives us the ability to automate our work, enabling to keep lean teams.

Compliance Director,

Leading e-Commerce Giant


  • Smooth integrations with existing systems.
  • C2P enabled a huge level of automation across their business workflows against a background of incredibly fast growth. 
  • C2P also helps them to accurately interpret the regulations that are relevant to their products globally. 
  • They can now see all attachments easily, and a summary which is very valuable. 
  • C2P have enabled them achieve compliance objectives with lean teams. It is a game changer when it comes to the value of a platform for this C&R customer.
“The regulatory alerts system is really invaluable in terms of reducing the workload as we expand business into more and more countries around the world.”

Compliance Director

Leading e-Commerce Giant

The benefits of choosing C2P Product Compliance software
In Numbers

The Results


Products managed on C2P


Compliance Requirements worked on C2P

C2P is their one stop shop solution for all things compliance.

How a world leading e-commerce giant maintains rocket-ship growth with C2P
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