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VF Corporation Enhances Product Stewardship & Compliance with CLR Solution

Industry: Apparel

Company Size: Large

Location: Global

  • CLR Solution

VF Corporation, one of the world’s largest companies in apparel, footwear, and accessories, with 12 iconic brands including The North Face ®, Vans ®, and Timberland ®.

The Product Stewardship team at VF Corporation, among other things, is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance, including restricted substances, product safety, chemical compliance, and product labeling.


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A want something like this

The Challenge

Before adopting the Compliance Labeling Requirements Solution (CLR), VF Corporation faced
significant challenges in managing labeling compliance across its portfolio of brands, including:

  1. Keeping up with the frequent changes in regulations across different markets, which resulted in complexities in labeling for global supply chains,
  2. Finding accurate regulatory resources and understanding their applicability to the business required extensive effort, and
  3. Developing internal guidance and information to ensure compliance and provide the correct stakeholders with the necessary information.
“One of the biggest challenges that our organization faces with global labeling is the frequency with which regulations change across different markets. This can make it difficult to keep up with and manage the immense variabilities in labeling for global supply chains.”

Frank Opdenacker, VF

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The solution

Partnering with the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), VF Corporation
worked with the team at Compliance & Risks to implement the CLR solution, helping transform its
approach to achieving labeling compliance. This was successful because:

  1. The labeling requirements solution provided a centralized source of regulatory labeling information for all product categories, enabling the team to have direct access to global regulatory information.
  2. The Integrated Alerts allowed the team to proactively address upcoming regulatory changes.
  3. The “Ask Our Experts” feature in the CLR solution provided additional clarifications, advice, and information in a timely manner.

We currently rely on the centralized source of regulatory labeling information for all product
categories through your Compliance Labeling Requirement solution.

Frank Opdenacker, VF Corporation

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Our CLR solution helped the Product Stewardship team at VF Corporation implement a structured approach to achieve labeling compliance, aiding them in:

  1. Identifying product criteria & target markets to determine applicable regulations.
  2. Confirming any special material or functional claims on products.
  3. Ensuring completeness of information on the label, covering target markets & language recommendations.
  4. Enabling a centralized source of guidance documents.
  5. Establishing a network of stakeholders responsible for implementing guidance and updates.
  6. Providing regular training to relevant stakeholders for successful compliance implementation.
“We not only have direct access to the global regulatory information, but the tool also has an integrated rounding mechanism for upcoming regulatory change, allowing us to be proactive to any possible regulatory change.”

VF Corporation

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The adoption of the CLR solution empowered VF Corporation’s Product Stewardship team to effectively and efficiently overcome labeling compliance challenges. The centralized access to global regulatory information, proactive monitoring of regulatory changes, and expert support through the CLR solution improved efficiency and showed cost savings.

By following compliance best practices and ensuring effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders, VF Corporation strengthened its compliance capabilities and secured its brand reputation in the Apparel space.

The Product Stewardship team became a strategic advantage, helping to actualize the company’s commitment to safe, responsible, and compliant products for consumers and the planet.

“C2P allows us to be proactive to any possible regulatory change.

Frank Opdenacker, VF Corporation

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The Results


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