Apparel Compliance Cheat Sheets

Apparel Compliance Cheat Sheets

Unlock the secrets to seamless market entry with our comprehensive collection of Compliance Cheat Sheets.

These free, comprehensive guides allow you to empower your brand with the knowledge to meet labeling, safety, chemical, testing, and waste management requirements in global markets like Australia, Canada, France, the US, the EU, and more.


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A Cut Ahead: Trending Labeling Regulations In September 2023

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Build An Adult Dress - Compliance Cheat Sheet

Build an Adult Dress

Build Children's Sleepwear - Compliance Cheat Sheet

Build Children’s Sleepwear

Build An Adult Raincoat - Compliance Cheat Sheet

Build an Adult Raincoat

Build An Adult Workout Shirt - Compliance Cheat Sheet

Build an Adult Workout Shirt

Build a leather wallet - compliance cheat sheets and regulations guide for Australia, Japan and South Korea

Build a Leather Wallet

Build A Handbag Compliance Cheat Sheet and Guide For US, Japan and Italy markets.

Build a Handbag

Build Children's Socks - Compliance and Regulations Cheat Sheet for India, Turkey and USA

Build Children’s Socks

Build Adult Undergarments - Compliance & Regulations Cheat Sheets for India, Turkey and France

Build Adult Undergarments

Build Child's Overalls - Compliance and Regulations Cheat Sheet for the USA, EU and Canada

Build Child’s Overalls

Build Sneakers

Meet our Experts

Kimberly Plassche

Kim Plassche, Senior Regulatory Consultant, Global Market Access, Compliance & Risks

Kim Plassche is a Senior Regulatory Consultant on the Global Market Access team at Compliance & Risks, Ltd., where she researches and monitors international product safety legislation for custom client reports.
Kim is a librarian by training, with 18 years of experience and a Master of Library Science from the State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY. Prior to taking on her C&R role, she served as Map Librarian at her alma mater.
Kim has also worked in public and private libraries, including at a consumer products testing company, where she researched regulations and standards for internal and external clients.

Stacey Bowers

Stacey Bowers, Manager, Global Market Access, Compliance & Risks

Stacey is a self-described “law nerd” with 20 years’ experience consulting on international consumer products regulations and standards. She has extensive knowledge of analytical, labeling, safety and testing issues applicable to apparel, cosmetics, food, food contact articles, footwear, giveaways/ incentives/ premiums, home textiles, jewelry, juvenile products and toys.
Stacey and her team of 10 librarians and lawyers produce current, comprehensive and customized research to address strategic business needs for retailers and manufacturers, including entering new geographic markets; facilitating education and training throughout the supply chain; and development of global best practices around regulatory compliance.

We help ensure global companies have the tools and information
to build safe, sustainable products in a world full of change.