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EU Proposes New Timelines in CSRD for Adoption of Sustainability Reporting Standards

Oct 23, 2023 EU Proposes New Timelines in CSRD for Adoption of Sustainability Reporting Standards

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EU Parliament Proposal to Amend Timelines in CSRD for Adoption of Sustainability Reporting Standards for Certain Sectors and Third-Country Undertakings

A draft Decision was published by the EU Parliament and Council proposing to amend the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) as regards the time limits for the adoption of sustainability reporting standards for certain sectors and for certain third-country undertakings.

Specifically, the draft proposes to delay both the date of adoption of the sector-specific ESRS and the date of adoption of the ESRS by certain non-EU companies with business in the EU by a further two years.

If enacted, this means that these compliance deadlines would be extended from 30 June 2024 to 30 June 2026.

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