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Dutch Fashion Goes Green: Exploring The New Textile EPR Regulation

Jun 26, 2023 Dutch Fashion Goes Green: Exploring The New Textile EPR Regulation

Author: Corine Laurijsen, Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist at Compliance and Risks

On 15 June 2023, the Dutch State Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management approved Regulation No. IENW/BSK-2023/158985. This Regulation implements the Dutch Extended Producer Responsibility for Textiles Decree of April 2023 (EPR Textile Decree) that makes producers of clothing and household textiles responsible for the waste phase of the textile products they market in the Netherlands.

Obligations for Producers under the EPR Decree

The Dutch Extended Producer Responsibility Decree (EPR Decree) of September 2020 obliges producers to whom the EPR Textile Decree applies, among other things, to notify and report.

Notification and Reporting Requirements

Based on the EPR Decree, producers who place textile products on the market in the Netherlands must notify within six weeks after the EPR Textile Decree applies to them, and they need to submit an annual report. The forms for the notification and the report have been established by Regulation No. IENW/BSK-2023/158985. Notification and reporting can be done online or by mail.

Effective Date Of The Dutch EPR Textile Regulation

The EPR Textile Regulation will enter into force on the same day as the EPR Textile Decree, 1 July 2023.

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