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Navigating the New EU Machinery Safety Requirements: What’s on the Horizon?

Jul 19, 2023 Navigating the New EU Machinery Safety Requirements: What’s on the Horizon?

Webinar Overview

Prepare for the future of compliance with the upcoming Machinery Products Regulation – a transformative legislation that brings significant changes, including alignment with the New Legislative Framework and improved safety standards for traditional machinery.

For economic operators, understanding and managing these changes will be crucial for success.

Watch our webinar to gain valuable insights into the Machinery Products Regulation, its impact on placing machinery products in the EU market, and the necessary preparations for the years ahead.

Webinar Agenda

During this webinar we will be discussing:

  • Current regulatory requirements in summary
  • EU’s rationale for developing and expanding these requirements
  • New requirements and potential implications for economic operators
  • Timelines and relevant deadlines
  • Key next steps for compliance
  • And much more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the Machinery Products Regulation and its impact on your business. Stay informed, stay compliant, and set the stage for future success in the EU market!


This webinar took place on Wednesday, 2nd August at 08:00 PDT, 11:00 EDT, 17:00 CET. Further regulatory developments may have occurred after publication. To keep up-to-date with the latest compliance news, sign up to our newsletter.


Liz Kimber - RINA

Liz Kimber, Principal Consultant, RINA Regulatory Compliance Team

Liz is a chartered mechanical engineer who joined the RINA team in 2019 after working within a manufacturing environment, across a broad spectrum of sectors.

For the last 10 years her focus has been on product compliance, initially on Machinery, EMC & ATEX and latterly supporting RINAs clients over the full range of product safety legislation. Liz has a keen appreciation of product design and the challenges faced by equipment manufacturers when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements.

Liz is a contributor to the C2P online compliance tool and RINA’s environmental product compliance newsletter, RE4view.

She can be contacted at liz.kimber@rina.org

Vish Karasani, Product Marketing Manager, Compliance & Risks

Vish Karasani, Product Marketing Manager, Compliance & Risks

Vish is a Product Marketing Manager at Compliance & Risks, with over 8 years of international experience working in highly competitive industries and at hyper-growth startups.

An avid storyteller, her product marketing philosophy begins with listening to Compliance & Risks’ customers, understanding their pain points, solving for their problems and building for their future.