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Environmental legislation is a collection of many laws and regulations which seek to protect the environment from harmful actions. Many of these measures are aimed at facilities with the objective of reducing the impact of such facilities on the physical environment.

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Content Overview

Compliance & Risks’ focus for this content is on environmental chemical legislation related to facilities (e.g. factories, offices) which impose obligations with regard to:

  • Reduction of the use of chemicals
  • Reporting of storage and handling of chemicals
  • Prevention of and response to accidental release of chemicals and major industrial accidents

Coverage Included

Our regulatory content in C2P is historically comprehensive with a robust QA process to ensure quality, consistency and accuracy. Below is a high level summary of our coverage for this topic:
  • Canada: Environmentally Sound Management of Chemical Substances in the Chemicals, Plastics and Rubber Sectors, Draft Code of Practice, January 2023
  • Canada: Authorisation for Manufacturing and Importing Sulfonic Acids, Branched Alkane Hydroxy and Branched Alkene, Sodium Salts, Ministerial Condition No. 21338, 2023
  • USA: Hazardous Chemical Reporting, Rules, 40 CFR 370, 1987
  • USA: Toxic Chemical Release Reporting, Rule, 40 CFR 372, 1988
  • USA: Toxic Chemical Release Reporting, Rule, 40 CFR 372, 1988 – Proposed Amendment – (on Listing of Diisononyl Phthalate) Draft Rule, 87 FR 48128, August 2022
  • USA: Consolidated List of Chemicals Subject to EPCRA, CERCLA, and Clean Air Act, EPA 550-B-22-001, December 2022
  • USA: Emergency Planning and Notification for Chemical Storage and Releases, Rules, 40 CFR 355, 2008
  • USA: Chemical Accident Prevention Provisions, Rule, 40 CFR 68, 1994
  • China: New Pollutants under Key Control (2023 Edition), Order No. 28, 2022
  • China: Action Plan for the Control of New Pollutants, Notice No. 15, 2022
  • China: Measures for the Administration of Safe Use Permit for Hazardous Chemicals, Order No. 57, 2012
  • China: Management Plan on Environmental Risk Prevention and Control of Major Environmental Controlled Hazardous Chemicals, Notice No. 75, 2013
  • China: Comprehensive Management Scheme of Dangerous Chemical, Notice No. 88, 2016
  • South Korea: Regulations on Preparation of Chemical Accident Prevention Management Plan, Notice No. 2022-9
  • UK: Persistent Organic Pollutants (Amendment) (EU Exit), Draft Regulations, October 2022
  • EU: Control of Major-Accident Hazards Involving Dangerous Substances, Directive 2012/18/EU
  • UK: Control of Major Accident Hazards, Regulations, SI 2015/483
  • Kenya: National Chemicals Policy, January 2022

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